Trekking in Maharashtra

We have added all information and photographs of these forts which will be useful as a trekking guide. These are some of the best places for trekking in Maharashtra and you should definitely go trekking whenever you find time. Click on the links given below for more info about these forts in Maharashtra

Since its the monsoon season, here are the top Monsoon treks near Pune / Mumbai.

Fort Name Difficulty Base Village Distance From Pune
Ajinkyatara Easy, 3300 feet Satara 115 Kms
Bhorgiri Very Easy, 2624 feet from Sea Level Bhorgiri 97 Kms
Chavand Moderate, 3399 Feet Chavandwadi 109 Kms
Dhodap Hard, 4750 feet Dhodambe 345 Kms
Ghangad Easy, 2500 feet above sea level Ekola 93 Kms
Harishchandragad Tough, 4710 ft Khireshwar Village , Ahmednagar 135 Kms
Jivdhan Hard, 3757 feet Naneghat, Ghatgar 128 Kms
Jungli Jaigad Moderate, Height: 4520 feet Koyna Nagar 80 Kms
Kenjalgad Easy, 4273 feet above sea level Korli 80 Kms
Korigad 3049 feet Peth Shahapur 100 Kms
Lohgad Easy, 3389 feet Bhaje Gaon 60Kms
Malhargad Easy, 3100 feet above sea level Sonuri or Zhendewadi 30 Kms
Mandangad Easy, 880 Feet Mandangad Village 161 Kms
Panhala Easy, 2772 feet Panhala 240 Kms
Pratapgad Medium - Almost 450 steps, 3543 feet above sea level Wada [Satara] 145 Kms
Purandar Medium, Height: 4,472 feet Village Purandar [Saswad] 50 Kms
Raigad Fort Moderate: 2700 feet Pachad Village [Raigad] 150Kms
Raireshwar Easy, 4589 Feet Korle 82 Kms
Rajgad Tough, Height: 4520 feet Gunjawane or Pali 80 Kms
Rajmachi Easy, Height: 2700 feet Udhewadi, Kine Gaon [Lonavala] 82 Kms
Ratangad Moderate, 4255 feet above sea level Ratanwadi 191.6 Kms
Rayling Pathar Moderate with a Height of around 2500 Feet Mohri or Singapur 90 Kms
Rohida Moderate, 3650 Bajarwadi 68 Kms
Salher Tough, Height: 5,141 feet Salher Wadi or Waghembe [Nashik] 310 Kms
Shivneri Easy, 3500 feet Junnar 100 Kms
Sinhagad Easy, Height: 4429 feet Sinhagad 30 Kms
Sudhagad Easy to Moderate, Height is 2030 feet Pali - Near Lonavala 130 Kms
Tikona Easy: 3500 feet Maval Region - Kamshet 65 Kms
Torna Tough: 4609 feet Velhe, Pune 90 Kms
Vasota Moderate: 3842 feet Bamnoli Satara 140 Kms
Visapur Moderate: 3,556 feet Bhaje Lonavala 78 Kms

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