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Difficulty Level / Height: Moderate With A Height Of Around 2500 Feet
Time for trekking: 45 Minutes


The Rayling Pathar trek is one of the most beautiful treks that one can take in the Sahyadris. The trek involves hiking through a dense jungle surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains. 

Route Info: From Pune, one has to take the usual route to Torna fort.  Just a few kilometres before Torna, there is a diversion to the right that leads to the two base villages [Mohri and Singapur] for Rayling Pathar. If you get confused, use GPS or ask the locals for directions. Please be advised that the road after leaving Torna is in a very bad state and hence we recommend taking a vehicle with a good ground clearance.

Trek Route: There are multiple ways to get to the top of the fort. One is via Singapur village and the other via Mohri. We recommend going via Mohri as its relatively easy and offers the best views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.
If you are going for the first time, we recommend that you take a guide along with you. The trek route is via a dense jungle and hence the chances of getting lost are more. Ask the guide to take you through the usual route and not via any shortcuts. 

Rayling Pathar Trek route

What to see at Rayling Pathar?: One can see the spectacular looking fort called Lingana and the mighty fort Rajgad from this pathar. The views of the surrounding valleys are also very spectacular.

Camping Info: A highly recommended place for camping. There is no natural shelter on this Pathar and hence you'll need to carry tents and other sleeping material.
There is also no natural source of water and hence its recommended that you take at least 4-5 litres of water per person. Go in a large group as this place is in a very remote location and finding help in case of any difficulty can be quite difficult. While leaving from the base village, take some locals phone number as this will be helpful if you find the trek directions confusing.
During winters, ensure that you take plenty of insulating material as it gets extremely cold on the Pathar.
Rayling Pathar Camping

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