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One Of The Most Thrilling Treks In Maharashtra

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Difficulty Level / Height: Hard Trek - Elevation Of 2300 Feet
Time for trekking: 2 hours


Basic Info: Kalavantin Durg which is also known as Kalavanticha Sulka is a high pinnacle on the edge of Prabal plateau. It's an ancient hill fort which is at an altitude of 2300 feet above sea level. The trek path is vertical and kind of dangerous during the monsoon season. This is definitely not a trek for the weak hearted. From the top, you get some spectacular views of Mumbai.
This is a highly recommended trek for experienced trekkers who want to experience the thrill of trekking. The vertical trek path is extremely scary and requires nerves of steel to conquer it.

Route Info: Kalavantin is located in Panvel, Maharashtra. Travelers from Pune need to take the Pune-Mumbai highway and head towards Panvel. Near Arivali, there is a diversion that you need to take to get to the base of the fort (Thakurwadi). Google Maps has a pretty accurate route that you can follow. While searching on GPS, we would recommend that you search "Thakurwadi for Kalavantin Durg" to get the accurate route.

Difficulty and other useful tips: People suffering from Vertigo or Acrophobia (Height phobia) should avoid going to this fort. The steps are pretty steep and require 100 precent concentration while walking on them. Ensure that you wear proper trekking shoes and also carry a first aid kit with you.
During the rainy season, watch out for all members in your group. Do watchout for windy sections of the trek. Wind blows at a great speed here and can cause imbalance while climbing the steps. Also ensure that your hands are free as you'll need them the most to hold on to the edges of the mountain.
Last but not the least: This trek is not recommended for beginners.

What to see at Kalavantin Durg

  • The perfectly carved steps on the trek path
  • Breath taking views of the surrounding valleys
  • Caves
  • Water Tanks
  • Views of Matheran and Mubai city

Food and accomodation: People travelling from far away places can check with the locals for accomodation. The locals offer economical homestay options with basic facilities. Apart from the local homestays, there are a few organizations that have their own campsites at the base. You can check their reviews on google and choose one accordingly.
There are a few food stalls at the base village where you can get light snacks. People planning to stay at Thakurwadi should take their own packed food.

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