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Difficulty Level / Height: Easy, 4273 Feet Above Sea Level
Time for trekking: 40 Minutes


Kenjalgad is a beautiful fort located to the south of Pune near Bhor. During the early days it was also called as Ghera Khelanja and Mohangad. There is not much to see on the fort as most of the structures are not intact, but its definitely worth visiting considering the beautiful plateu on the fort. The walls of the fort, however, are still intact.

Denitely a quick getaway from our city life.

Route from Pune: You have to get on the NH4 and head towards Satara. After the first toll on NH4 and after crossing the left turn on "Prati Balaji" there is an exit to the right called Bhor Phata. You got to take this right and head towards Bhor Village.
From Bhor you will have to ask the locals for the road to Korle Village from where actual trek starts.
This base village is common for both Kenjalgad and Raireshwar fort. Both Kenjalgad and Raireshwar treks can be covered in one day, so if you leave early from Pune, it would be ideal if you complete both the treks in one day.

Wondering about the road condition?

The roads are perfect till Bhor. But from Bhor onwards, the road is not so good and if you have a car with a low ground clearance I would not advise you to take your car till the base village. A friend of mine who was in his sedan [name not to be mentioned], was getting scraped at each and every bump on the road. On bikes, the roads are never an issue.

What to see at KenjalGad: 

  1. Perfect entrance with Stairs - Huge Rock blocks that were carved as stairs
  2. Flat-top of the fort which is spread over miles
  3. Walls of the Fort
  4. Beautiful views of the valleys nearby.
  5. We were even lucky to see a Deer on our way back.

Difficulty Level and other useful tips: Kenjalgad trek is a simple trek and does not require much efforts or trekking experience. Reaching to the top of the fort takes just 40 minutes, however there are a few slippery patches enroute.

The villages here are pretty remote, so if there are any females in your group, ensure that the group is large. One last advice would be to ensure that you carry water and packaged food from the city itself. Finding good food or water at the base village of Kenjalgad is just not possible.

There is a scarcity of water in this area and the villagers themselves get water via tankers. They are used to that water, but that water defnitely wont suit folks from the city.

Camping Info: Ahh, this is something that we couldn't do at Kenjalgad on our last trek here.I would say that this is the best fort near Pune for camping. But camping can be conducted only during the winter season as it rains pretty heavily in this area. The kind of rains in which tents wont of any use and there is no proper shelter on the fort either. The villagers at the base village can help you with the firewood that you would need.

For an overnight trek, just carry plenty of food and water with you. In the winter season, carry plenty of blankets and sleeping material with you as the weather gets pretty cold here.

Please leave a comment below for others if you have been to Kenjalgad or you have any questions related to Kenjalgad trek.

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