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Experience The Untouched Nature Only At Rajmachi. Located In The Heart Of Lonavala, Rajmachi Is A Must Visit For Trekkers Who Will Also Get An Offroad Experience As An Addon.

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Difficulty Level / Height: Easy, Height: 2700 Feet
Time for trekking: 1 hour


Rajmachi fort is one of the most popular forts around the Lonavala region. The height of this fort from sea level is 2710 feet and it offers an amazing view of the Sahyadri mountains and the backwaters of Shirota Dam.
The fort consists of two Balekillas [Shrivardhan and Manaranjan] which are the main attraction points here. The best season to visit Rajmachi is the monsoon and the winter season. Nature is at its best during this time and one can see amazing waterfalls and lush green forests enroute. The locals here are very friendly and ensure that the guests get the best hospitality possible.

Routes: From Pune you got to head towards Lonavala. On the way there is a diversion just before Khandala Ghat which will take you to Kunhe Gaon which is a village from where u have a bad road which will lead you to Rajmachi or Udhewadi which is a base village. This road is tough and you will find urself riding through the mountains with a valley on one side and a stone wall on the other of this fort. If you are confused about the route, you can ask the locals at Lonavala for directions, but make sure you ask for RAJMACHI FORT because there's another place with the same name called Rahmachi which is just a view point at khandala ghat near Khandala.

Prominent landmark for the fort is Della Adventure park. From Della adventure park, Rajmachi fort is exactly 11.6 kms away. There is a Y shaped diversion in between the road from Della to Rajmachi. You got to take a left turn from here. The road on the right goes to a village called Valvand which is on a different side of Rajmachi.
You might want to park your vehicle near the diversion as the road after that is really bad. Its more like a dirt bike racing track.

Difficulty Level and Other useful tips:

Difficulty level is Very Easy. It hardly takes 40 mins to reach to the top of the fort. But once you reach the top of the fort you will realise the beauty of this fort. The constuction of Rajmachi is just spectacular.

Camping Info:
Rajmachi fort is an ideal fort for camping. There are 2 caves on the fort provide accomodation for 40 persons.
If you are scared about camping on the fort you can stay at Kalbhairavnath Temple which is at the base of the fort.
The locals can cook delicious food for you alongwith Bhakri or you can prepare something like Maggi.... Take plenty of water and firewood with you.

Other Accomodation facilities at Rajmachi:
The locals offer their rooms for accomodation. You can use this service if you are not comfortable in camping on top of the fort due to whatsoever reasons.
Please note that the facilities the locals provide in these rooms are pretty basic, so do not expect anything fancy over here. Spending 1 night however, should not be an issue in these rooms. The villagers will also serve Pitla Bhakri and a few other local delicacies if you inform them in advance.

What to see on the fort:



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