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Difficulty Level / Height: Easy To Moderate, Height Is 2030 Feet
Time for trekking:


Basic Info: Sudhagad is one of the best hill fort near Pune. This is located in the Pali region which lies towards Lonavala Side.
Ideal place for a one day trek and can also be coupled with the Sarasgad trek if planning for 2 days.
Sarasgad is another fort which is just adjacent to Sudhagad. They are called twin forts.

Route: One has to head towards Khopoli which is a bit ahead of Lonavala. 
From Khopoli you can ask the locals for directions to Pali which is the base village for this fort. From this village the actual trek starts. 
If you are a beginner you can always hire a guide from the base village to help you with the trek route.

Difficulty level and other tips: This is a simple trek and requires less stamina than other forts in the vicinity. 
But always ensure that you carry plenty of water with you and something you can munch on in case you are hungry.

What to see at Sudhagad: 

  • Big Entrance of the fort
  • Secret Escape Route
  • View of surrounding Valleys and mountains
  • Stairs and some ruins

Camping and overnight stay: Camping can be done if you are planning to couple your trek with Sarasgad fort. Otherwise it does not make a lot of sense to camp at Sudhagad.
There are caves which can be used as a shelter. But it is always recommended that you carry your own tent.
Carry some ready to cook food that can be made at night on a bonfire. Also ensure that for overnight trek you carry plenty of water, at least 4 litres per person.

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