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Difficulty Level / Height: Easy, 3389 Feet
Time for trekking: 1 Hour


Basic Info: Located in Lonavala which is just a couple of hours from Pune, Lohgad is one of the best forts to visit during any time of the year.
Ideal time to visit Lohgad would be in the winter season. It is always recommended that you start your trek early so that you do not get fatigued quickly.

This fort is also connected to Visapur which is also a good trekking place if you have the time to cover both the forts in one day.

Route from Pune: From Pune you have to take the Old Mumbai Pune Highway and head towards Lonavala.
Just before reaching lonavala, you will find directions for Karla Caves. You have to take a right from this direction board and head towards Malavali and towards the base village of the fort. 
From Malavali, the locals can help you with the directions to the base village. 
If you are an inexperienced driver and are going by a car, I would recommend that you park your car at Malavali village as the road ahead requires special driving skills. 
During our last visit I saw a few drivers struggling to keep their engines on while on the steep patches of the road.

By Train: If you plan to visit via train, the nearest station where you can get off is of the Malavali village. From pune, you can get on the train that goes to Lonavala and then get down at Malavali village.
From Malavali, a 5kms hike shall take you to the base village.

Difficulty Level and other tips: This is a very easy trek and even a novice trekkers should not have any problems. 
At Lohgad, there are only steps and less amount of trekking is required.

What to see on Lohgad

  • Large Gates on the fort
  • Walls of the fort which are still intact
  • Beautiful structure of the fort
  • You can also visit Bhaja and Karla caves on your back
  • During the monsoons the clouds look spectacular from the fort

For information about the history of this fort, we recommend that you read it on wiki page here

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