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We have been on a number of treks in the Sahyadris and hence thought of putting some tips that might be useful for fellow trekkers. These are some real basic trekking tips that will be helpful for any trekker. You do not want to end up messing up your entire trek because you did not follow the basics.

Start with Easy Treks

If you have not been on treks before then you should definitely start with easy treks which require less time for hiking. Also ensure that your group members are at your level so that you can learn together. We remember starting with easy forts like Sinhagad or Lohgad near Pune and then going for tough treks like Torna and the Mighty Salher.

Get the Right Gear

Shoes, Clothing, backpacks, water containers, everything is important on treks. Ensure that you have the right gear for both one day and multiple day treks. Never go unprepared.
Always keep a checklist of items that you need to carry and ensure that you pack stuff the night before your trek. If you have no idea what trekking gear is required, you can check our Trekking Equipment page for more details.
Packing stuff effectively is also an important step while preparing for a trek. Most people, pack their backpack in a hurry and end up not taking the essentials. Ranger Rolling clothes can help you save upto 40% of space in your backpack. Here is a video of how you can Ranger Roll a T-Shirt.

Forest Department or Govt Permissions

Not all places are free to camp sites. At some places which are marked as protected reserves, camping or night trekking is Banned. Do you research online and find places where you can actually go camping or hiking. As our site is mostly about Trekking in Maharashtra, we have shortlisted the following places for Camping near Pune.

Do Not OVERDO Things

Keep a check on each others activity while trekking. Do not try random things beyond your limits like climbing extreme rock patches, crossing waterfalls, standing on the edge for clicking selfies, etc. There have been incidents with us where a few members were stuck on rock patches while trying to go through shortcuts. Time shouldn't be a factor in Trekking. Short cuts are a strict NO.

Whether to go with an Organizer?

If you have been on 5+ treks then we think you do not need an Organizer, given that you can take care of group members who might not have enough trekking experience. For beginners, we would recommend that you go with trekking groups at first and then try doing things alone. The only con with going with an Organizer is that they have a very strict schedule and you have to stick to it. it Can be a bit annoying sometimes when you want time on your own for photos or whatever personal.
If there are kids with you, then definitely go with an Organizer. They have ample of safety equipment and have experienced staff who can help you with almost everything on a trek.

Women in your Group?

If there are females in your group, its highly recommended that your group size should be large. There should be atleast 8-9 males in the group. The crime rate is definitely going high these days and you do not want unwanted trouble on your treks. Also ensure that you avoid going to very isolated locations for trekking. Rural Police do not have enough manpower to keep a watch on everything.


Pls do not pollute the place you visit with PLASTIC BAGS and other waste material.

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