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Basic Info: Korigad is a beautiful hill fort located at around 20 kms from Lonavala near Amby Valley. This is a fort which you can visit during any time of the year for one day treks.
Some of the structures on the fort are still intact and the views that one would get from the top are just splendid.

Routes: From Pune, one has to head towards Lonvala via the Old Pune-Mumbai highway. Please do not take the expressway as you will have to pay a heavy toll on that road. 
Once you get to Lonavala, you have to take a left from Purohit Chikki centre and take the Amby valley road.
If you are referring to GPS on the way,  google maps will show you a road through Amby valley. Do not take that road as the security guys will not let you in if you tell them that you are heading to Korigad.

Ask the locals for Peth Shahpur village or set the end point as "Peth Shahpur" itself on your GPS, which is the base village for the fort. You can park your vehicles at this village.
Korigad Route

Difficulty Level and oher useful tips: Difficulty level is easy. It takes just 1 hour to get to the top of the fort. 
Once you start from the base village, for 15 minutes you will need to walk through a jungle and then there are just steps to get to the top.
You will definitely enjoy the view of Amby valley that you get while trekking.

Korigad Photos

What to see on the fort:

  1. 2 Lakes on the fort - These are filled with water all the time, except in the summer season
  2. Temple of goddess Korai Devi
  3. Walls of the fort - These walls are still intact and you can do a circle around the trek on these walls.
  4. Six Bombard Cannons - These are the old cannons which used to be used during the early ages in Wars. 5 are small in size and the largest is located near the Koraidevi Temple.
  5. Beautiful views from the fort

Camping Info: Although we did not camp here, we think its a pretty good fort for camping.
There are plenty of open spaces on the fort where you can set your campsite. 

There are plenty of Monkeys on the fort, but they would not be a problem during the night time. During the daytime, just ensure that you do not show them any eatables.

If you do not have tents, the Koraidevi temple can be used as a shelter and can accomodate atleast 10. The villagers at the base village can help you with firewood and to carry you stuff to the fort.

You can refer to the below link for equipment for trekking.
Things to carry for overnight treks.

Please leave a comment below for others if you have been to Korigad or you have any questions related to Korigad trek.