Torna Trek - FAQS [Frequently asked questions]

Here are some questions that we frequently get for Torna trek. We have put down our answers. If you have any suggestions for our users, you may add it below in the comments section for individual questions.

Is there a Laterine on the Fort??

Dear Sir,
I am going for an overnight trek with my friends to Torna fort. I would like to ask for toilet arrangements on Torna if any. We read on the internet that there are no arrangements.

Is it Safe to Climb Torna at Night??

I got your email address on Pune Trekkers web site. We are planning to visit Torna Fort on Friday 7th Nov 2014 ( it is full moon day) Is it safe to climb at evening / night ? esp if you are 1st timer ? can we  stay on top  overnight ? is food and water available on top ?

Torna Rajgad Dual Trek in Summer?

Thanks for your great website. I got a lot of important information from there for planning my upcoming trek. I am considering doing Raigad-Torna, or only Torna/Raigad overnight trek in the first weekend in May. Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

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