Rajgad Trek - FAQS [Frequently asked questions]

Here are some questions that we frequently get for Rajgad trek. We have put down our answers. If you have any suggestions for our users, you may add it below in the comments section for individual questions.

Rajgad Bus Route and Place to Stay?

My name is ZZZ, I'm a French student and I am trying to organize my next trekk (this week-end) to Rajgad fort (on Saturday) and Torna on Sunday. I have found several information about it on your website www.punetrekkers.com, but there's still a point I am missing.

Rajgad Parking and Safety for Girls?

I read your blog regarding information of Rajgad Fort. Actually our group of 6 people(4 boys and 2 girls) are planning for 1 day Rajgad Trek.
So I want some information related to Car parking and route. We are planning to go via Pali Village., So parking will be available there., right.? Also This route is not much tough., right.? Also How much time it will take for us to reach top of the fort and for coming down.? I'm concerned because we have two girls in our group.

Is Night Stay Allowed??

I got your group information from Google, your website is very helpful for the new travelers like me.
We are planning to stay overnight on Raigad fort in tents. Is ot allow and safe to stay there on the top of the fort. If not then do you know about the place near the fort wher we can stay.
Thanks in advance.

Rajgad Route for Inexperienced Trekkers??

I stumbled upon your website and you people have done amazing job compiling the information. You guys must be having hell of time on the weekends.
I am working in Chennai and am a regular trekker in southern part of India with Chennai Trekking Club. I am planning to hike Rajgadh fort on the coming weekend with inexperienced team. I had couple of queries and don't want to learn things in hard way.

Rajgad Route and Camping information??

Hi my name is Amitesh,
In the next month, me and my friends are planning to go to Rajgad. Need some information on the routes and the provision for staying on the fort.

Rajgad Trek Via Pali Route?

hey i m prathamesh from from dombivli, mumbai!! me and my frnds r planning rajgad treck next weekend for 2 days!!
all of us have done more than 5 trecks before!! so we r not beginers but we r not experts either!! can u tell me which way is beetr for us! via gunjavne or via pali??

We are planning for a monsoon trek, should we go via Pali or the Gunjawane Route??

We are planning for a monsoon trek, should we go via Pali or the Gunjawane Route?

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