Ranger Roll a T-Shirt

Whenever, you plan for an overnight trek or a long duration trek, there is always this problem of packing stuff. Regular Packing of T-shirts makes the backpack very bulky and also reduces the overall storage capacity.

Here's a small video on how you can Ranger Roll a T-shirt. Ranger Rolling will help you save quite a lot of space in your backpack which can be used to take other essential hiking equipment.

  1. Place your T-Shirt face-down on a Flat Surface like a Table or a Bed
  2. Fold the bottom 10 percent of the T-shirt as shown in the Video
  3. Next 2 folds are similar to what you would do while normalling folding a T-Shirt.
  4. Next, Start Rolling the T-shirt. Ensure that you smooth out any wrinkles while doing this process.
  5. The last part would be to wrap the 10 percent folded section on the rolled T-shirt. By doing this, the T-shirt will maintain its rolled form in the backpack.

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