Monsoon Treks near Mumbai / Pune

Here we have put together the top monsoon treks near Mumbai and Pune. For folks from Mumbai, there are plenty of forts in the Lonavala region. For trekkers from Pune, there are ample of options towards the West of Pune [near Bhor, Pali] and Lonavala is also a good option.

Korigad - Suitable for Trekkers from both Mumbai and Pune
Korigad is located near Amby valley and is the most scenic fort in the Lonavala region.
If you are looking for a moderate level monsoon trek with less number of trekkers, then look no further. Korigad trek will amaze you and will leave you with a lot of memories.
One advice for travelers from Pune. Please avoid the Lonavala route as on this way, you'll have to pay a heavy toll and the traffic in the lonavala region gets worse during the monsoon season. There is an alternate route via Paud that is beautiful and less crowded.

Lohgad - Suitable for Trekkers from both Mumbai and Pune
Lohgad is another beautiful fort located in the Lonavala region. This fort is ideal for large groups who want to experience easy level of trekking.
Most of the structures of the fort are still intact and hence there are a lot of historic things to be seen on the fort. Enroute, you'll also get to experience the waterfalls in Lonavala region.

Visapur - Suitable for Trekkers from both Mumbai and Pune
Visapur is a mighty fort which is just adjacent to Lohgad. Ideal for trekkers who want to do a moderate level trek and experience the best of monsoon season. The walls of this fort are still intact and during the rains, once can experience reverse waterfall effect on these walls.

Torna - Ideal for Trekkers from Pune
Torna is the highest fort in Pune located at around 80 kms from Pune.
This place is not recommended for amateurs as it involves crossing a lot of steep patches which are extremely difficult to cross during the monsoon season. Only experienced trekkers should go on this trek. The views that one will get from the top of Torna are just breath taking. A must do trek during the monsoons.

Rajgad - Ideal for Trekkers from Pune
Rajgad is a fort adjacent to Torna and is an ideal fort for the monsoon season. Seasoned trekkers can use the Gunjawane route which goes via the Chor Darwaja for some added thrill. Amateurs can go via the Pali route which takes you to the main door of the Fort. This place has some awesome structures and the views that it offers are breath taking.

Ghangad - For trekkers from Pune
The route to Ghangad itself is very scenic and the fort offers some spectacular views of the nearby valleys and villages. Located in the heart of Tamhini ghat, Ghangad is a must visit place to see monsoon season at its best. Novice trekkers should trek only till the mid of the fort where you'll find some caves. From there, the route is quite tough and should only be done by experienced folks.

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