Bhorgiri Photos

Beautiful Hill Fort Located Near Bhimashankar

Difficulty Level / Height: Very Easy, 2624 Feet From Sea Level
Time for trekking: 20-30 Minutes


Basic Info: Bhorgiri is one of the most scenic forts in Maharashtra. It is located near Bhimanshankar and is one of the less popular forts. Bhorgiri Trek is ideal for trekkers who want an easy level trek and also want to be away from the crowd.
Don't be mistaken by the size of the fort. It is still a visually rewarding trek. Enroute, one can see the majestic valleys of Sahyadri mountains and the backwaters of a few dams and the views from the top are just spectacular.

Route Info: Travelers from Pune need to get on to the Pune-Nashik Highway. After Rajgurunagar, there is a diversion to the left that goes to the base village of the fort. Google maps has a pretty accurate route and we would recommend you to use that. While travelling, if you get confused about the route, do ask the locals for directions. This place is very remote and hence asking directions is highly recommended even while using GPS.
The road to bhorgiri village is pretty scenic as it's surrounded by mountains and backwaters of a couple of dams. After Rajgurunagar there are a few bad patches of road and this is why we would recommend you to go in a vehicle that has a good ground clearance. An SUV is not particularly needed, but something that has a good ground clearance should be okay.

Attractions on the Fort:

  • Temples on the Fort
  • Caves
  • Waterfalls on the trek route
  • Beautiful Valleys surrounding the fort

Camping and Food Options: The base village at Bhorgiri is a pretty remote one and the are not many restaurants in the nearby area. We recommend you to take packed snacks while going for a trek here. While heading back, there are many Dhabas and restaurants on the highway where you can have food.
We did not actually camp here but this place looks very feasible for camping as there are a couple of caves that can be used for accommodation at night. There is not much open space on the Fort and hence you will have to pitch your tents in the front yard of the Caves. Don't carry any non-vegetarian food as there are two temples on top of the fort. Carrying a mosquito repellent is highly recommended as there are a lot of mosquitoes at bhorgiri since it is surrounded by a dense jungle. If you are planning to go in the winter season, carry a lot of insulating material with you as the temperature gets very low here.

Please leave a comment below for others if you have been to Bhorgiri or you have any questions related to Bhorgiri trek.

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