tikona fort


Amazing fort near Koyna Nagar. Full of Wild Life and natural Beauty..


Height: 2957 ft 
Time for trekking: 1 1/2 hour from the base


Tikona Information


Basic Info: Tikona fort is a hill fort located near Kamshet [Maval region] in Maharashtra. Height from sea level is 3500 feet. Its twin fort is called Tung.

Routes: First you would have to head towards Lonavala and from Lonavala to Kamshet. Then from Kamshet the locals can guide you for the route to Gavhande Village which is also called as Tikona Peth. This is the base village for Tikona. From this point the actual trek begins.

Difficulty Level and Other useful tips: 
Difficulty level is Easy. Takes 1 1/2 hours to reac to the top of the fort.
Some parts are almost vertical as the fort is triangular in shape.

Ideal Time for Tikona Trek: During the winter season or rainy season.

Camping Info: 
Not ideal for camping, but incase you plan for camping, there is a cave which you can use as sheter during night time. Carry plenty of water and firewood.

What to see on the fort:

  1. Big Entrance Door
  2. Trimbakeshwar temple
  3. Caves
  4. Lake surrounding the fort
  5. View of Lohgad and Tung

Tikona History

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